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Welcome by F&A Consultancy

F&A Consultancy is a fiscal advisory and administration office

We are focused on medium-sized and smaller companies. We also like to help private individuals with their tax returns, (tax) advice and help with or management of your administration and financial management. F&A Consultancy is at your service.  We provide periodical checks and offer specialist knowledge in the financial and tax field. We use an online accounting package; ‘accounting new style’, which means you can easily process your records online yourself.

We also provide payroll administration as a separate service for customers who process their further financial administration themselves.


As an entrepreneur you want to earn your living doing what you are best at. Setting up and maintaining an administration may not be at the top of your to-do list or may even cause stress. When managing your own company, a thorough administration is required. In addition to being an important starting point for the company’s progress, it is also a legal obligation. We gladly contribute to a clear, correct and up-to-date administration and take care of your administration in all shapes and sizes.

We can set up and / or maintain the following components of your administration:

  • (Liquidity) budget
  • Budget monitoring
  • Debtor and creditor management
  • Asset management
  • Processing cash, bank and giro transfers
  • Periodic reports (for yourself or a possible financer)
  • Annual reports and possible Chamber of Commerce- filing documents
  • Balance & profit and loss account

Salary administration

Whether you have your financial administration in house or elsewhere; we can take care of your payroll. We offer this as a separate service, because taking care of the payroll yourself can often be time-consuming or complicated. In addition to generating monthly pay slips and the payroll tax return, we also administer sick leave and leave registration and the digital personnel file.

Financial management

We take care of the entire process, from looking at the drafting of the invoices with you to the entire invoicing and associated credit management. We check the tax returns up to the full correspondence with the tax authorities (read here about our tax advice). If required, we can remotely manage your entire administration.

Bookkeeping ‘new style’

As a result of the current economic situation, more and more entrepreneurs ask for online accounting. We also offer (online) bookkeeping packages, in which entrepreneurs enter their own administration and we periodically carry out the audit and offer the entrepreneur a better overview of the financial situation. F&A Consultancy works with, i.a., Exact Online, Minipak, Reeleezee, Snelstart and branch-oriented software such as Basenet.



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